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Casa Flores

Casa Flores

PROJECT: Casa Flores
ARQUITECT: Fuster + Architects

Ecológica Carmelo is proud to have collaborated with the Puerto Rican firm Fuster + Architects on their Casa Flores project, a single-family home in the town of Naguabo. The house is located near the area where hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico in 2017.

Fuster + Architects incorporated the following Ecológica Carmelo products into the home’s design and construction including:

  • Carmelo’s GCT Panels: are insulated concrete systems with high R-value, with a resilience to high-wind and seismic events, and lightweight construction. The structural panels also provide PSM thermal insulation for the walls and the ceiling, making the home extremely energy efficient and cool.
  • Carmelo Structural Mortar Mix: the mix mortar plaster was used on the house’s walls and ceilings. The Type-N finish for this mix is resistant to sulfate & carbonate attacks. This particular mortar has a high compressive strength of 4000 psi and meets the ASTM C109, C270 and C387 regulations.

The house’s compact layout feels spacious in part because it opens up to a terrace that celebrates outdoor living and connects the house to the exterior. The small infinity pool in the terrace blends into the long views of the horizon, bringing the ocean to the interior of the house.

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