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Cúpula of Stella Maris Catholic Church

Cúpula of Stella Maris Catholic Church

PROJECT: Cúpula of Stella Maris Catholic Church
ARQUITECT: Federico Montilla López and his firm Montilla López Architects

Ecológica Carmelo is proud to have collaborated with the Puerto Rican architect Federico Montilla López and his firm Montilla López Architects to create the Dome (or cúpula in Spanish) of the Stella Maris Catholic Church in the Condado neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The structural engineer was José Miguel Ortiz Ruiz (MCE, PE) as Engineering Consultant and the architecture firm acted as Project Planners.

Montilla López Architects incorporated the following Ecológica Carmelo products to facilitate the dome’s construction:

  • Carmelo’s GCT Panels: insulated concrete systems with high R-value, with a resilience to high-wind and seismic events, and lightweight construction. The structural panels also provide PSM thermal insulation for the walls and the ceiling, making the dome extremely energy efficient and cool.
  • Carmelo Structural Mortar Mix: This mix has a high degree of adhesion, shear and compression strength which ensures correct bonding of patched areas. The durability of the structural reinforcements the mix provides is enhanced by the product’s resistance to sulfate attack and chloride ingression. This particular mortar has a high compressive strength of 4000 psi and is also environmentally friendly, containing local regional materials.
  • Multipurpose Mortar Mix with Fiber & Marble: This product is highly versatile and can be used as masonry mortar for rendering block and concrete walls, laying blocks or stone, stucco & plaster repair, and for one-coat exterior plaster and mortar beds.
  • Duo Mix Plus 220V Three Phase: This machine helps apply the sprayable mortar efficiently, making the required mix, helping with its transportation, and facilitating the product’s placement. The unique m-tec dual mixing system, together with the patented mixing principle, combine into a high-quality and efficient mixing pump.

Our Showcase Architects section is an homage to local architecture projects by collaborators and this post specifically is in memory of the late architect Federico Montilla López.

Thank you for your inspirational work.

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