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Contech Engineer solutions provides site solutions through cost effective solutions to build, support and sustain land development projects while protecting the environment. Carmelo is the sole manufacturer of its erosion control products and retaining walls.
M-tec develops and manufactures construction site equipment, the technology for better building, safer ad more efficient construction. Carmelo is the exclusive distributor for M-Tec construction site machines.
The Emmedue Building System allows to create any type of building ensuring exceptional environmental comfort as well as earthquake resistance and thermal -acoustic performance superior to traditional systems.

Ecológica Carmelo is proud to be the official manufacturing partner for Keystone products in Puerto Rico, the preferred segmental retaining wall system in the Island. The locally available Keystone products are: Keystone Standard, Keystone Compact, Keystone Mini Cap, Garden Wall, Country Manor, and High Strength Pins. The retaining wall system units are suitable for commercial, municipal, industrial, transportation, and residential use.